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The club was founded in 2010 by Founder Rick Chadderton, and 14 original Charter members. Since then it has grown to 5 Battalions in Connecticut and New York.

We as a club have given donations to several charities including our main charity, The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation based in Milford CT and Snack'n Kidz Club in WallKill New York.  Our club has helped victims of fire, families in need during the holidays and children's after school food programs.  Through the hard work and dedication of our members we look forward to continuing to help others into the future.

The Raging Knights Firefighter MC is an independent firefighter motorcycle club with chapters currently across Connecticut and New York.  We are a law abiding motorcycle club.  We support those that support us.  The R.K.F.F.M.C. attends multiple biker events, rally's,  and fundraisers, both in Connecticut, as far west as South Dakota and as far south as Myrtle Beach.  As with most clubs rumors tend to swirl around in the wind that aren't true.  For this reason, we ask that you not judge us on rumors, but come to one of our events and get to know us.  
We are an all male firefighter motorcycle club.  However, we would like to mention our wife's, girlfriends and significant others who have been our main supporters since the beginning.  All of our members appreciate all their help and efforts for all that they do during our events through out the year.  While the ladies of the RKFFMC do not wear colors, they do have their own apparel with their own design.

Thank you to all for your continuous support of the Raging Knights Firefighter MC and attending other charities with us as our guest.

Charitable Work    

Benefactor of the Year 

In 2019 our club received the Honor of being named Benefactor of the Year. Our members club wide have helped raise over $ 100,000 to support children with burns attend a 1 week summer camp.  We are proud of what we have done on the past and will continue to do in the future to support this organization.